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First, check out this article for app options and improve the sound of your android quickly and easily.

As we already know, our cell phones are very complete.

Capable of many things.

In fact, being able to take pictures.

Or record videos, send messages and even emails.

In addition to editing.

And publish movies on your social networks.

Of course, they are all important.

But, playing music.

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It is certainly one of the most used.

In this regard, we use a headset for walking.

Or go to the gym, to work among others.

There are people who spend a lot of money.

In headphones.

Which are dedicated to improving sound quality.

But, making use of apps.

We can improve the audio of the device.

And best of all, without spending anything for it.

However, see the list below.

And see the most used ones.

Music Volume EQ

Above all, among the main ones is that.

With this app.

The user can align the audio frequencies.

And adjust the sound.

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Which is being reproduced.

In System Player.

So do the control.

Through the five-band balancer.

Adjustments can be made manually.

Or by predefined audio types.

We can also count on “Virtualizer Effect”.

To make the bass control more ambient.

Available to operating system users.

android and iPhone(iOS).

Equalizer and bass boost.

Free application.

has an effect surround.

In addition, it has five frequency bands.

And 11 presets that are available to the user.

Another task is that it has more serious functions.

And of media repetition effects.

In principle, in its paid version.

The tool provides some predictions.

For example, dedicated to rock, classical or pop style.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Available to operating system users.

android and iPhone(iOS).

Poweramp Music Player

Compatible with the most popular formats.

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Allows tuning controls.

For example, mixing stereo and mono effects.

In addition to adjusting balance.

And support playing lyrics.

Contains the option to add more bass to the tracks.

Melhore o som do seu Android.
Improve the sound of your Android.

And for free.

Displaying album covers and a series of controls.

Anyway, available to users of the operating system.

android and iPhone(iOS).


To watch movies.

Play music sounds and play games.

In short, increase the sound.

Without losing quality.

Creating phantom speakers.

Improving the ambiance of the space.

And with option to pair the software.

Next to your TV's sound system.

Available for free.

For operating system users android.

volume booster

Finally, with Volume Booster.

Sound can be amplified up to 200%.

And made for those who want to hear their music better.

Highly rated with 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Powerful to increase the sound of your cell phone.

Available for user android and iPhone (iOS).

It is free.

Currently used for movies, music, games and audiobooks.

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It is important to point out that the volume is very high.

It may damage your hearing.